10 New trends in the world of fitness and gyms

COVID has changed our lives, and some of those changes have become unstoppable trends that continue to grow today.

In this article we are going to see the ten trends that are sweeping the world of gyms and fitness, do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!


We start with one of the most obvious. The closure of gyms for months has forced us to reinvent ourselves to continue training or, as has happened to many people, to leave the sport parked for almost a year. 31% of people admit that the thought of getting in shape causes them anxiety.

And that is where online training comes into play, since due to the great flexibility it has and that allows you to train quietly from home, it is perhaps a good way for these people to encourage themselves to play sports again.

A hybrid gym is just that, the combination of the face-to-face experience of going to the gym with online or streaming classes (live).

You will only need a large space, have prepared the material that you are going to use during the class and the device with which you are going to connect. It can be the computer, the mobile, a video camera … You have thousands of options, there is no excuse .

In addition to the wide variety of online training that you can offer, you can have a much greater reach and reach new clients from all over the world.

What do you think? Do you dare to implement it in your gym? Here you can download a guide to adapt your sports centre to the new online and hybrid modalities.


This trend consists of organizing training with groups of people who have a special characteristic when training, such as age, muscle injury, heart disease …

Guided by a personal trainer, it is a way of adapting training so that those who have any difficulty, whatever the type, continue training without any problem and without putting their health at risk.

Have your athletes ever told you that they need to adapt certain workouts? Offering these types of classes can allow your sports centre to differentiate itself and offer other services that other centres in your city do not offer.


Training with the idea of ​​meeting some objectives, motivates. But training to beat your friend’s mark is even more motivating. And there is nothing more stimulating than a good and healthy rivalry.

The combination of personal training with electronic devices is a good way to keep your users hooked by improving each day a little more and being the best in their group of friends.

They allow you to monitor the results of each training and keep track of the records that are being made, as well as being able to organize competitions among the users of your gym and that throughout the day they are looking forward to the time to go to train.

Discover our Records solution for your athletes to record the results of their exercises or routines.

Here we leave you the most used exercises on our platform in case you want to have an idea for your competitions or what brands have achieved to motivate your users.


A part of gym users are parents who look to the gym for a way to escape from day to day. However, disconnecting 100% and taking time out to go training can be mission impossible if you don’t have someone to leave the children with.

COVID has changed the organization of our day to day with teleworking or the cancellation of extracurricular activities for children and any unforeseen event leaves us without our gym time. And precisely from there, this trend arose. Of the need of many parents to find an intermediate solution that allows them to have that disconnection time in the gym but knowing that their children are in good hands.

With a good organization, the right activities and an area for them, the children will have such a good time that they will be wanting to return and that is very good for your gym.

Thanks to this trend you can differentiate yourself from the competition while providing a real benefit to your users and attract new users who have this problem.


As a result of COVID, we all take care of ourselves more and that is what this trend is about, of wanting to take care of both physical and mental health.

These groups seek to create new life habits and improve those we already must guide them to have a healthy life. These habits go beyond the simple fact of eating healthy and exercising, they include aspects such as mental health, the relationships we have or the quality of our sleep.

These are personal classes or very small groups where we seek to learn a series of techniques, exercises and stretching to take care of our health by connecting the mind with the body.

Led by a specialized coach, these classes focus on the values ​​and needs of the body, as well as the short-term and long-term goals that it may have. And through a series of intervention strategies for behaviour change.

What do you think? Do you want to take your gym to the next level and take care of your users in a different way? Try to include this activity and bring something different to the users of your gym.


It is a total specialization strategy. Boutique gyms consist of small centres that are specialized in one or two disciplines (cross training, yoga, boxing, body-mind, fusion training…) and where the materials are distributed throughout the space.

The key to these centres is close and specialized attention to the user, who will have a unique and different experience from traditional gyms. They offer a wide variety of schedules due to their specialization and these sessions are led by expert professionals with extensive experience.

It is a very simple way to differentiate yourself and position your gym as an expert in one or two disciplines, what disciplines would be yours?


It is the new training method that everyone is talking about. The organization of the training is quite simple: one hour of training divided into 5 zones.

These zones are delimited by the pulsations where a specialized coach is monitoring to know if greater or less intensity is needed in the following exercises.

The classes have two different approaches, during the first half hour focusing on cardio. While the remaining time is performed strength exercises such as TRX, weights or even CrossFit exercises.

It is a different and fun way for your users to get hooked on training since the whole class is guided by the coach and the motivation that training in a group gives are impressive.

tendencias del mundo del fitness


Did you know that most users who join a gym end up signing out because they don’t know how to start training or weight training gives them respect?

This does not have to happen if you include body weight training. This training is a combination of resistance and strength exercises, where the only material that is needed is your own body weight.

Sounds simple right? Help all those new users to start training in the gym with these personalized classes and you will see how little by little they get hooked until they are one of those who never fail to train .


That corporate dynamics are a way of socialization and integration among colleagues and that they improve the work environment, is a fact more than proven.

But today, almost all of us are bored of doing the same dynamics as always and that is where corporate exercise programs come in.

They are group sports activities that add new values ​​and allow taking care of health as well as relationships between company colleagues.

Offering these types of alternatives in your gym can be a very good way to position yourself in a different way and reach a niche that can offer you many opportunities.


This trend will disprove that myth that they have put into our heads that we can only train and be in shape when we are young. Of course, the needs change and the type of training must also change, but there is nothing that a good coach cannot solve.

These groups are usually the great forgotten and that is why it may be a good idea to focus on them and organize specific activities so that they continue to train and stay in shape regardless of their age.

Because being healthy not only includes agility or strength but longevity and the quality of life that we gain by continuing to move.

So don’t think twice and use this trend to provide a different service that will undoubtedly make you get new potential customers.

What do you think of these 10 trends in the fitness sector? Did you know them? Here we leave you an article for you to investigate more about the trends of fitness and gyms for this year 2021 and have one more tool to positively differentiate yourself from your competition.

We are sure that your users will love to see how you care about them, beyond physical exercise and they will be looking forward to joining your new activities.

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