Discover how proximity marketing can boost your box

Customers are vital to your business, as you are well aware. However, do you know what is important in a customer journey? or what do you know about recruitment strategies? One stands out as rather useful for your gym: proximity marketing. In this article, we explain what it is and how it can help you to manage your centre.

What is proximity marketing and how can it help you?

Proximity marketing is a relatively recent trend that arose in response to the need to focus on the local factor. Rather than publicising a business more broadly, the aim is to reduce the scope of campaigns in order to have a target audience that is more in line with the commercial approach in question. There are many sectors that do not need to resort to this technique at all, especially those that operate entirely online. However, what is the point of promoting your centre in another province? Would it not make sense to do it in your city and thus optimise the available resources? This strategy relies on logic to position a business in a smaller geographic range (cities, generally). By doing so, companies can more easily outperform the competition and improve customer acquisition by giving them a closer sense of proximity?

What are the proven benefits of this technique for sports centres?

  • Increased customisation. The narrower the target audience, the easier it is to target campaigns based on their habits, tastes and interests. This is essential to increase the chances of successful dissemination strategies.
  • It estimulates competitiveness. The fitness sector is very competitive. You can stand out by communicating to a select group of people.
  • More direct message. Instead of addressing a large target group, you are communicating directly with those who are closest to you. This way, the message is more effective.
Admittedly, on the other hand, marketing for boxs needs to have a more tailored approach. What does that mean? That if we want to talk to the people we are close to, we cannot do it generically. It’s about showing them where our centre is and why it’s their best option.

Strategies you can start implementing now

The technique we are discussing in this article has a special feature. In a way, it means “revealing” yourself to your target audience and showing them that you have always been close to them. There is a risk: when the time comes, they will wonder why they had not heared of your centre if it is so close to them. To address the above and take full advantage of the benefits, several strategies can be identified.
1. QR Codes

QR codes are here to stay. They are extremely useful, since it is possible to physically place them in advertising spaces in your city. This way, everyone will be able to scan it and access welcome promotions, training video tutorials and more. All this content is programmed with a software for gyms.

Our advice is to make the most of them, as they are an increasingly popular resource. You can include a video tour or show them how the machines are used. Remember that part of your target group is made up of people who feel insecure because they don’t know how the world of cross training works.

2. Promotions by email marketing

Many gyms have started to adopt a rather curious strategy. It consists of offering benefits to people in the city in exchange for registering their email address. Most commonly, free WIFI is provided, but basic customised routines and so on are also available.

This involves sending promotional emails that help you generate leads. These people are then more likely to come to your website, where they will learn about your proposal or book their first hour to get started.

3. Geolocation on social media

Have you thought about taking advantage of social media for your centre? Among all of them, we are going to choose one that has been a great success in gym campaigns: Instagram. On this social network, you have the possibility to upload geolocated stories from your sports centre. As a result, anyone searching for your city will be able to see them.

Social media outreach for sports businesses has proven to be a revolution. To make the most of it, we invite you to interact with your followers. To create a proximity target on Instagram, you have to search for your city and start following the accounts that appear.

In short, proximity marketing has become an essential tool in box management. Without a doubt, it is best to reduce the scope of advertising to reach a more logical range. Afterwards, the personalisation and quality of the promotions will do the rest.

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