You are probably concerned about having satisfied customers in your gym. Ultimately, this will determine whether they continue using your gym. This type of sport has become very popular. Very functional and suitable for everyone, many people are wanting to try it. However, the real challenge is to keep them with you. Want to see what the professionals recommend?

What is your customer looking for?

In any business there has to be a good balance between quality service and customer satisfaction. Sometimes you offer something very useful or practical. But it is not something that the customer will always want.

Therefore, their satisfaction will not only be determined by good service. You need to offer more, such as a comfortable environment that invites them to stay there. For this, there are three fundamentals in your business strategy.

1- The importance of communication

This is something that is very present in any business. Let’s see how you can get satisfied customers in your gym with good communication.

Accept suggestions

Whether you are an old hand or just starting out, you need to be open to change some aspects and accept new ideas. You never know when they will tell you something that can make a big difference to your gym. So, be humble in this sense and listen to everyone who wants to say or suggest something to you. And if they are ideas that cannot be implemented, tell them why. This way they will feel heard.

Ask for feedback

Sometimes there are a lot of opinions or comments that they won’t tell you directly, and that’s normal. Whether out of embarrassment or because they don’t think it’s that important, they may keep it to themselves. Encourage them to communicate with you. After classes or training sessions your instructors can ask how it went. And talk to the users of your cross training box. They will see if your box meets their expectations, if it is offering them something they like, or if something is wrong. Also pay attention to what they think of the classes and exercises. This will help you to personalise the sessions even more, which is a great plus.

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Let your customers know they matter

Create an environment where you engage with your users. Through newsletters, polite staff, learning their names, a WhatsApp group, etc. Remove any distance so that they feel part of the box. This way, you will get satisfied customers in your gym sooner.

2- Create a comfortable enviroment

Let’s move on to another fundamental point. If communication is good, the next thing is that the box and the classes must capture the interest of the users and they find the environment easy to use. How can you achieve this?

Classes tailored to your users

Your instructors and trainers should have a range of workouts and exercises for all levels. Try to make them with them. This way, everyone will feel good and see that they can do the exercises without any difficulty. Similarly, do not demand too much intensity from users with lower fitness levels The last thing you want is an injury. Always go for  functional and low-injury training.

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Try to improve the space in your box

This is also important. There are many gyms and sports centres that are packed full of people. It is often less enjoyable to work out here because of the noise and the crowds. Don’t let this happen to your box. How can you avoid it? Very simple.

First of all, distribute the classes and sessions well, to separate all the groups. Also, make sure that everyone has a plan in place and an instructor to do their exercises. And provide enough space and modern, up-to-date equipment. If you find that some things are no longer working, it is better to invest in new products. This will improve your image.

Offer activities for your users to get to know each other

Sometimes, in functional training boxes, the same people go to the same classes. Routines are established. So, try to make sure your instructors know everyone’s names and also encourage communication between your members, through different group activities. This will give them a sense of belonging and camaraderie that will help you with customer loyalty.

3- That it meets your personal expectations

Let’s move on to the most complex, but perhaps the most important point: how can someone really be satisfied with your box? Let’s see what resources you have.

That they have realistic expectations

Especially when it comes to physical change. Let them see that change is possible, but that it also requires hard work. In this sense, your advertising should never be misleading, as this will not lead to satisfied customers in your crosstraining box.

Offer a range of additional services

For example, a nutritionist. Or more personalised routines to do specific workouts on your own. Or the possibility for them to complement this with other types of activities. You can also offer premium classes or learning about the workouts.

These kinds of extra services will make it easier for those who have more concerns or higher goals to satisfy them. So you don’t just attract the same level of audience. By diversifying your services, you will also diversify your clients and improve satisfaction.

Explain your facilities well before they sign up

This will prevent them from leaving after a few months. Again, this is a transparency technique. You can, for example, offer a free class so they can see how it works and whether or not it meets their expectations. This is a very common practice in many gyms, although there are still some who do not use it. We recommend you to put it into practice so that you can attract those clients who are really convinced by your training.

In short, these are some of the main strategies that will allow you to have satisfied clients in your gym. Put them into practice to see which ones work best for you.

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